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( PoppyK1 )
Author of "Roses for Rose" and hundreds of poetic stories that have been read on the Internet by thousands of readers throughout the world. His "poetic stories" appear on hundreds of websites and have been published in many well known publications such as Heartwarmers of Love, Stories of the Heart and The "Chicken Soup for the Soul" collections.

He writes about the realities of life in poetic form. Many of the stories are his own personal experiences while others are about life itself and the trials and tribulations we all face and endure.

His stories bring hope to the troubled heart and true understanding of situations that we encounter. Having lost his wife at an early age to cancer, many of his poetic stories are about the loss of a loved one and dealing with loneliness, but most are about hope and comfort.

His "poetic stories" will touch your heart in some way. You will identify with many of the stories as if they were written about you. You will find yourself drawn into the stories as if the words were being written about a situation in your life. You will find that somewhere along the way, as you read the stories, you will experience tears, but they will be tender tears. Not tears of sorrow or heartache but tears of emotion. Emotions that have been touched because you understand that real life is about emotions and we are emotional beings. It has been said "If you finish one of his books without shedding a tear, check your pulse for a heartbeat."

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