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Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- Flying Solo.
Baby Bird on the ground. Flying Solo One morning as I came in to work at my job as a church secretary, I was ... - 6 K - 1 Jan 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Wonder of Wonders.
Sunrise in a sunburst fashion. Wonder of Wonders There's wonder when a grain of sand becomes a perfect pearl; when, in the east, the ... - 5 K - 9 Sep 2009

"Wind and Rain" | POEMS | Inspirational & Christian
Looking out through a rain covered window. Wind and Rain From my sleep, I was awakened by the sound of wind and rain that ... - 7 K - 11 Jun 2013

"We Begin Anew" | POEMS | Inspirational & Christian
The morning sun shinning through a tree in the park, with the message: With each sunrise we start anew. We Begin Anew I call ... - 7 K - 20 Jul 2013

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Walk with Me.
Walk with Me Life is often like a journey down a road not on the map, Where off you set to meet your fate, ... - 4 K - 6 Jun 2008

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Two Soldiers.
American Flag. Two Soldiers Two soldiers were killed in Baghdad today, leaving their families to mourn. They died on a foreign battlefield far from ... - 5 K - 5 Oct 2008

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Trust.
Trust I said to Him, Lord, I place my trust in You. And He said to me, Take my hand, and you need never ... - 5 K - 13 Aug 2008

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Treasures in the Attic.
Treasures in the Attic. Treasures in the Attic As I was packing up Auntie's attic, a most wonderful treasure was found. Among the trunks ... - 5 K - 28 Mar 2011

"To God Be the Glory" | POEMS - Inspirational and Christian
Man with arms lifted up looking at a beautiful sunset and giving praise to God. To God Be the Glory Have you stood out ... - 6 K - 21 Aug 2012

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- This Christmas.
Giving thanks for the blessing of Christmas. This Christmas Gone from our sight this Christmas. Present here in each heart. We hold your place ... - 5 K - 18 Dec 2009
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