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Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- Enjoy The Scenery.
Barn and pretty scenery in the country. Enjoy The Scenery I replied to an email from a reader. "Hi, Debra . . ." She ... - 10 K - 1 Nov 2010

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- Band of Love.
Two gold wedding bands linked together. Band of Love Georgia slipped the band of gold around my finger, looked into my eyes and completed ... - 13 K - 14 Mar 2011

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- Beware the Neighbor.
Farm house. Beware the Neighbor The moving truck left my neighbor's house and rumbled down his driveway, which intersected my property. The old homestead ... - 19 K - 10 Aug 2010

"You Have to Work for It" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian
Young boy running on snow covered road, looking for tossed-out milk containers, to get labels he can turn-in for hockey player 'trading cards'. Looking ... - 10 K - 30 Mar 2012

"Time and Loving Patience" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian
A cat angel to love a young man and help him cope with the death of his mother. Time and Loving Patience She's sits ... - 10 K - 23 Oct 2011

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- I'm not Going to Miss this Sofa.
Old sofa and cat. I'm not Going to Miss this Sofa October 1, 2010, the day my world changed again. The company I worked ... - 10 K - 4 Apr 2011

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- You Are Not Alone.
Happy Valentines Day Balloon. You Are Not Alone It was Valentine's Day. I was in a new job. My boss walked up to me ... - 7 K - 8 Feb 2009

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- Time to Leave the Nest.
Two adult robins and three baby robins in a nest. Time to Leave the Nest Ginny and I sat on the deck, like we ... - 9 K - 11 Jun 2010

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- This Is Where I Belong.
Mountains, Lake, and big trees. This Is Where I Belong I sat on the ground, leaned against a tree trunk and watched my bobber ... - 8 K - 17 Apr 2011

"They Survived" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian
Little old fishing boat anchored off-shore. They Survived She grew up on a fishing boat south of Seattle. Her father, unable to make enough ... - 9 K - 19 Jul 2012
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