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"Colors of Blessing" | POEMS - Inspirational and Christian
Fall colors in the trees. Colors of Blessing Could the angels have special jobs; Like painting leaves of fall? Canít mighty God do anything? ... - 6 K - 28 Sep 2011

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Your Motive.
Girl helping her friend with a book. Your Motive What motive's behind; What you're working for? Is it the praises; That you so adore? ... - 5 K - 14 Sep 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Worlds Set Apart.
Mountains, trees, and stream. Worlds Set Apart Oh, The beauty of the forest streams; Where high above the eagle screams, And from the mountains ... - 6 K - 7 Oct 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Whispers of Love.
Couple sitting on a beach gazing up at a heart shaped cloud. Whispers of Love Listen, to the whisper that says I love you; ... - 6 K - 5 Nov 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Voices of Troubling Music.
Jesus Christ, waiting with open arms. Voices of Troubling Music Clashing symbols of failure, Beating drums of fear, Block that still small voice; In ... - 5 K - 24 Oct 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- The Winning Shoes.
Photo of man running a cross country race - Hebrews12:1. The Winning Shoes We the children of earthly men; Are running in life's race. ... - 6 K - 19 Jun 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Singing in the Daisies.
Daisies, blue sky, puffy clouds. Singing in the Daisies Morning sounds all around. The rooster cries, good morn. The dew a twinkling, on the ... - 6 K - 5 Aug 2009

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- Rare Flowers.
Rare purle flower with 'spoon like' pedals. Rare Flowers If I found beautiful rare flowers; I'd share this beauty with you. In hopes that ... - 6 K - 7 Jun 2009

"Oh How I Love You" | POEMS - Inspirational and Christian
Man and woman sitting on the beach, looking at a Heavenly heart-shapped cloud. I Love You, Oh How I Love You Oh How in ... - 6 K - 10 Jun 2012

Inspirational and Christian POEMS -- My Dream.
Stairs leading leading up to Heaven. My Dream I dreamed of a fantastic place of beauty; A place of perfect peace to the soul, ... - 6 K - 18 Oct 2009
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