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Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- Love and the Joy of Hurting.
Love and the Joy of Hurting "Do you like what you do?" she asked me. "I write about happy things," I said. "Wait a ... - 8 K - 1 Jan 2009

"You Keep Coming Back" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian.
Foxglove flowers. You Keep Coming Back It's a ritual of mine twice a year, spring and late fall. Early in spring I take time ... - 8 K - 3 Jul 2011

"You Are No Different" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian
Cat looking at the mirror and seeing a lion looking back. You Are No Different Earlier this evening I was inspired by this thought ... - 7 K - 27 Aug 2011

"For Love You Are Never Too Old!" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian
Smiling senior couple on a boat, ejoying the view together. For Love You Are Never Too Old! Maybe I was out of line. But ... - 11 K - 12 Oct 2012

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- Working On My Return.
Tulips blooming. Working On My Return Sometimes objects in my life blend into the background. People don't. At least I try not to let ... - 7 K - 10 Apr 2010

"Wish" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian
Grandmother and grandaughter walking together. Wish Her tiny hand seemed lost in hers as they walked along the road leading back home. It was ... - 8 K - 15 Sep 2011

"Why Are You Afraid?" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian.
Dog comvering its ears and eyes with his paws. Why Are You Afraid? It's not that I didn't know this already. Our two dogs, ... - 7 K - 8 Jul 2011

"Whoopsy Daisy?" | STORIES - Inspirational and Christian
Quill pen and quote -'When the world says give up. Hope whispers... try it one more time'. "Whoopsy Daisy?" Bob, You said if you ... - 14 K - 16 May 2012

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- The Place Where You Are Born.
Baby boy and blanket. The Place Where You Are Born If I asked you where you were born, you'd easily reply with the city ... - 7 K - 24 May 2010

Inspirational and Christian STORIES -- What We Leave Behind.
What We Leave Behind It suddenly came back to me. I hadn't thought about him recently, but there he was. Memories are triggered sometimes ... - 8 K - 13 Aug 2010
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