• Tips For A Debt-Free Holiday

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the state, consumers were worried, for their debt was so great.

    The shoppers, they lie tense in their beds, as visions of credit cards danced through their heads.

    They bought goodies and gifts without any plan, now they lie wakeful, wondering how things got so out of hand.

    With no money to spare, and presents under the tree, all they can think of is 'Oh, woe is me!'

    Then comes the thought as they lie wide-eyed nervous... 'I should have taken the advice of the Consumer Credit Counseling Service.'

    They told me to budget. They suggested I save. Instead I just spent and continually gave.

    I gave them my Visa, Master Card, my American Express. Oh, why did I go to such an excess?

    They said, 'Set a spending limit.' for each person I knew, and when using credit cards, 'Use just a few.'

    They wanted me to shop while rested, and do at a leisurely pace, But I waited 'til the last minute. It seemed like a race.

    They said 'Exchange names between family and friends. Start new traditions so excessive gift giving ends.'

    They suggested I make gifts rather than buy. Now I'm in debt. I just want to cry.

    A lesson can be learned from the tale told here. Start saving and plan early for next year!
    [ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' (buffalos-g-jokes.yahoogroups.com) ]

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