Are You A Prune?

Note: This is NOT my husband I'm talking about!

Have you ever known someone
that just won't be satisfied?
You can't please this one
no matter how hard you tried?

He wants two eggs for breakfast.
One scrambled and the other one done.
I just can't believe you did that!
See!? You scrambled the wrong one!

Where shall we eat?
Your turn to choose.
McDonalds? Let's toss a coin.
Guess what? You lose!

You're back on the PC again?
You're addicted, don't doubt it!
Honey, I guess you're right!
I even wrote a poem about it!

Each time it hurts, your mouth compresses.
Just like you're cleaning a spoon!
Then you find it's really depressing,
when you realize, you look like a prune!

My friends, this really shouldn't be.
You know why? Just take a good look.
The Lord tells us this and more,
in His most beautiful, wonderful book!

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance,
it says in Proverbs 15 and thir-TEEN.
So if you want your mate to be cheerful,
make them feel like a king or a queen!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine,
it says in Proverbs 17 and twenty-TWO.
And a broken spirit drieth the bones.
Come on, my friend, you know what to do!

So if you really want
a truly harmonious life,
better watch what you say,
to that woman who's your wife!

But if you ARE a wife,
and you have a good man.
You better talk to him,
just as nice as you can!

Or he'll compress HIS mouth!
Like he's cleaning a spoon!
Next thing you know,
HE will look like a prune!

It's best you share a life,
full of laughter and love,
until we get home
to Heaven above!

Because if you're not careful,
to always laugh through the ouches,
you will both wind up
just a couple of grouches!

[ by Dot Wilson -- from 'Themestream' ]


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