Be A Kid Again

Try the following:
  1. Give yourself a gold star for everything you do today.

  2. Grow a milk mustache.

  3. Open a pack of cupcakes and give one to a friend even though you wanted both of them for yourself.

  4. Have a staring contest with your cat.

  5. Kiss a frog just in case.

  6. Make a face the next time somebody tells you "no."

  7. Ask "Why?" a lot.

  8. Believe in fairy tales.

  9. Have someone read you a story.

  10. Wear your favorite shirt with your favorite pants even if they don't match.

  11. Do a cartwheel.

  12. Hide your vegetables under your napkin.

  13. Make a "slurpy" sound with your straw when you get to the bottom of a milkshake.

  14. Sit really still for as long as the dog (or cat) is asleep in your lap.

  15. Find some pretty stones and save them.

  16. Stick your head out the car window and moo if you see a cow.

  17. Walk barefoot in wet grass.

  18. Giggle at nude statues in a museum.

  19. Make cool screeching noises every time you turn.

  20. Count the colors in a rainbow.

  21. Fuss a little, then take a nap.

  22. Take a running jump over a big puddle.

  23. Giggle a lot for no real reason.

  24. Do that tap-someone-on-the-shoulder-while-you-stand-on- their-opposite-side-and-they-turn-around-and-no-one's- there thing.

  25. Enjoy your all-time favorite candy-bar. (Forget you've heard of calories!)

  26. Throw something and when it lands make a cool exploding bomb noise.

  27. Squish some mud between your toes.

  28. Buy yourself a helium balloon.

  29. Put an orange slice in your mouth, peel side out, and smile at people.
Be a kid again...

[ Author Unknown -- from Aiken Drum ]


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