Breakfast Misunderstanding

I saw my coworker Jim Monday morning. Just as I was about to ask him how his weekend went, I noticed he had a black eye - it was a real shiner.

"What happened to you? Were you mugged?" I asked.

"Worse," Jim said painfully. "Were you hit by a car? Again, what happened?"

"Suzie and I went up to that bed and breakfast in Mendocino this weekend. We met Liz and Kevin there," he said.

"Well? How did you get that black eye? How did you get those bruises on your arms? And what about that cut over your other eye? Did you have some kind of accident?" I said, interrupting his story.

"It all happened Sunday morning, when we were seated at the table with Liz and Kevin and a young couple on their honeymoon. We were all enjoying having a nice breakfast together. "The young honeymoon couple were looking at each other with love in their eyes, when the new husband turned to his bride and asks: 'Would you please pass the sugar, sugar?'.

We all smiled and Suzie had that look on her face, you know the, 'isn't that romantic' look women get?

Then Kevin said to Liz 'please pass the honey, honey.'

Suzie gave a big sigh and smiled as she looked at me. Then the last thing I remember before waking up in the emergency room was turning to Suzie and saying: 'Please pass the tea-bag'."

[ Author Unknown -- from Randy, via 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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