Cat's Computer Dictionary

  • BROWSER: What I like to be at 3:00 am when I rearrange all your books on your desk. Where's a kitty supposed to lay down with all that mess?

  • WALLPAPER: My favorite stuff, mostly in the kitchen and bathroom, I use to exercise my claws on.

  • DEFRAG: Coughing up hairballs. Hey, it's just a little maintenance!

  • HYPERLINK: Fake hot dog filled with my favorite pick-me-up: cat-nip.

  • SERVER: My human subject. You can't call them waitress, or waiter, or slave anymore; it's not politically correct.

  • SHUT DOWN: Nap time - my favorite 16 hours of the day.

  • LAPTOP: Little ol' me. Certainly cuter, more useful, valuable, and entertaining. and no batteries are required.

  • DEFAULT: Blame. If something gets broken around the house, don't look at me! It's probably that human I have to share my house with, or the dog's fault!

  • WINDOW: The best place to watch birds, squirrels, and that weird dog next door eat out of the trash can and chase cars.

  • HOME PAGE: My papers - newspapers, that is, that I used before graduating to the real kitty litter box. I think they were the "Wanted: DOG" ads.

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Aiken Drum' ]


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