Criminally Stupid

  1. In Farmington, Missouri, Susan Faraday, 28, in court facing a drug charge, was also charged with theft, after she stole several items from the court, including the judge's gavel, on her way out of the courtroom.

  2. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, David Keeler, 33, a bank robber, wrote his holdup note on the back of his probation papers, which noted he was on probation for bank robbery.

  3. Ann Baker, 45, planning to burn down her house for the insurance money in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, removed almost all of her furniture, a TV, clothes, and several large appliances, and covered them with a protective tarp, in her back yard,before setting the house on fire.

  4. In Butler, Pennsylvania, Joel Crytzer, 63, was charged with marijuana possession, when officers spotted the drug on the floor of his car, which they had stopped, because Crytzer had been cruising down the road, seemingly oblivious to the fact that, his car had only three tires.

  5. On Long Island, New York, Martin Maynard, 28, stole a TV, an MP3 player, a desktop computer and a phone from an electronics store, returned a few days later to return the TV, the MP3 player, the desktop computer, and the phone for a refund.

  6. An Atlanta woman, Diane Cartwright, 22, with counterfeit bills she wanted to pass, went to a grocery store, and attempted to pay for goods, by mixing the counterfeit bills, in with some real cash. When a clerk noticed that some of the bills were fake, Cartwright fled, leaving all the cash behind. Upon returning home, she had her boyfriend, Carl Weston, 24, call the police, and ask if they could come by the station, and claim the money she'd left behind, that wasn't fake. The cops said, "Sure," Cartwright and Weston were arrested, when they arrived at the police station.
[ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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