Things You Didn't Know and Names Test

    Match the word to its definition....

    1. Aglets
      a) the plain or ornamental covering on the end of a shoelace
      b) a small crowd for a Texas A & M football game
      c) the small wooden rollers in a foot massage unit

    2. Columella Nasi
      a) the small indented space below and between the nostrils
      b) the scientific term for pasta that's gone bad
      c) the Op-Ed page in Italian newspapers

    3. Ferrule
      a) the metal band on a pencil that holds the eraser in place
      b) a measuring stick made from iron
      c) a victory dance in the ferret family

    4. Octothorpe
      a) the "pound" symbol on a digital telephone keypad
      b) eight Olympic runners
      c) a baby octopus

    5. Phosphenes
      a) the light you see when you close your eyes hard
      b) a chemical used in laundry detergent
      c) a Greek name for female co-eds in college

    6. Punt
      a) the indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle
      b) a German boot
      c) the heavy ball used in the sport of curling

    7. Rowel
      a) the spinning star on a cowboy's spur
      b) a small oar
      c) a tool used in the application of brick mortar

    8. Wamble
      a) stomach rumbling
      b) the unsteady gait of inebriation
      c) the short, sharp feeling of warmth you get right after shivering

    The answer to each of the above questions is:   "a)"   !

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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