Duct Tape

It is not widely known that Duct tape was first developed for use as medical bandaging material during World War II. It did keep soldiers from bleeding to death, but pulling it off caused more damage and pain than the original bullet wound so it was quickly abandoned for more conventional bandaging. The military started looking for other uses for this amazing product and the rest is history. Duct tape comes in a variety of colors (the newest is clear), but my favorite is the original silver/gray. It is with great pride and honor that we offer this list of "Unconventional Uses for Duct Tape.

Unconventional Uses for Duct Tape . . .
  • Hang a strip of duct tape from the ceiling for an instant fly trap.

  • Super seal your tax return envelope with duct tape to annoy the IRS. And when you've finished your taxes, patch the fist hole in your wall with duct tape.

  • Lost in the woods? Not with duct tape around! Just hang little strips of tape from branches to find your way back.

  • Use duct tape to cover rust spots on your car. Why not cover your entire car to rustproof it? You'll never have to wax again!

  • Quiet noisy kids: Make a Wacky-Roller duct tape ball to keep them busy. If all else fails, simply tape their mouths shut.

  • Wrap sticky-side out around your hand to pick up fuzz, lint and pet hair from clothing and furniture also picks up small pets from clothing and furniture.

  • Obliterate that blinking "12:00" on your VCR once and for all with a single strip of duct tape.

  • Replace those missing letters on the church marquee.

  • Tractor gearshift knob

  • Two Words: Pulpit Repair

  • Book binding and cover repair.

  • A nifty replacement for bailing wire (in most applications)

  • A Luggage handle

  • Car Trunk latch.

  • Barn Door hinge

  • Truck radiator cap.

  • Carpet backing/padding

  • Auto fan belt replacement

  • TV antenna guy wire.

  • Mail box lettering.

  • A patch for that pesky leak in your fishing boat (Why not just use it to make a new boat).

  • Temporary repair for that noisy hole in your car muffler (may occasionally be permanent fix).

  • A motor mount replacement

  • Curled and braided it can make a handy tow rope.

  • Patch that leaky roof on your house (well, this one may not be so unconventional)

  • Repair that pothole in your driveway pavement.

  • Cover up that rust spot on your car fender.

  • Replacement Shoe Sole

  • To fix a flat tire

  • Attractive designer siding for your house

  • Material for a groovy wallet

  • Space age bathroom tiling

  • Tape two pens together so you can write twice as fast.

  • Make a pair of waterproof underwear for fishing

  • Help to climb a wall/cliff/tree, just cover yourself in duct tape -- sticky side out.

  • Tape your cat's paws together when you bathe it so you don't get scratched all to pieces.

  • Two words: Hair removal! Ouch!

  • A downspout on your house (not a repair mind you, an actual downspout).

  • A "flashy" new suit for Sunday Church (yes, I've seen this one for real).

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Colorado Comments' ]


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