Golfing in Hell

A golfer went to Hell when he died, but he was surprised to find that it seemed more like paradise. Lush greens, few bunkers, long and smooth fairways and above all, unlimited people to play with. The golfer thought nothing of his situation and he immediately fetched his clubs. The Devil said he would join him, and they began playing.

On the first hole, the golfer hit an eagle and for every hole after that, he got it at first go. This is great, the golfer thought.

The unfortunate Devil took five strokes to get to the first hole. The rest of the game was repetition of the first hole.

On the eighteenth hole, the golfer decided to call over the other golfer's who had stopped playing and were watching them. He was sure it would be a hole-in-one again and the Devil would be no match for his golfing skills. What could be better than defeating the Devil in his own backyard?

As he drew up his Big Bertha driver, he took careful aim and let out a rip-roaring drive towards the flag. The ball sailed nicely and started to descend right on course for the hole. As he watched, the ball touched down three meters (ten feet) from the hole and rolled to the very lip of the cup and was on the verge of either stopping, or dropping in.

Suddenly everything vanished, and the golfer found himself roasting in the eternal fire. He cried out in astonishment, and then the Devil came and said "Welcome to Hell. And part of your Hell is not seeing whether the ball made it in the cup or not."
[ Author Unknown -- from Randy, via 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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