• Navity scene with a special Teddy Bear.
    Can you see the Teddy Bear?

    Nativity Scene with Teddy Bear

    Along with the sheep, cow and donkey, our nativity scene now has a new animal. A plump little teddy bear sits in the hay paying tribute to Baby Jesus.

    Our children will tell you this addition is quite scriptural. As a beginning reader, Billy was thrilled to be able to read the Christmas story from the Bible for our family advent devotions.

    Although the verses did not flow smoothly from one line to another, we enjoyed listening to him read. One night Billy read:

    "Behold, a virgin shall be with child and bear..."

    "A bear?" my 3-year-old Nancy interrupted.

    "We don't have a bear in our manger," 5-year-old Timmy said.

    "Here, use mine," offered Nancy, and she plopped her soft stuffed bear in the middle of the scene.

    Then Billy continued to read: "... a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel."
    [ Author unknown - received from Chris Long at 'Laugh & Lift' (www.laughandlift.com) - updated ]

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