New Pastors Sermon

Did you hear the story about the new pastor that preached a beautiful sermon on his first Sunday in the new church?

However, the second Sunday he got up and preached the same sermon word for word as he had the Sunday before. The third and fourth Sundays were identically the same thing.

On the fifth Sunday he got up and said, "how many of you think you know what I am going to preach about?" Not a hand was raised. The pastor said, "Well, since I have already preached it four times and you still don't know what I have to say to you, it's not going to be worth my time preaching it. You are all dismissed."

On the sixth Sunday he asked, "How many of you think you know what I am going to preach about?" Since they had checked with each other during the week about how to handle the situation, every single hand was raised.

"Well," said the pastor, "since you already know what I am going to say, I really don't see any need to bore you with the sermon all over again. You are dismissed."

Seventh Sunday--the congregation was prepared for him. When he stood to ask how many thought they knew what he was going to preach about everyone on the left side of the church raised their hands and no one on the right side did. They were going to get him to preach again one way or the other. As he surveyed the situation he simply replied, "Well, those of you on the left tell those of you on the right and then you can go home. You are dismissed!"

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]


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