No Copyright

          Don't copyright me, share whatever glee
          you may find in my words---
          If I can get a laugh, even at my gaffes,
          I'll be happy someone heard.

          Few words flow fine in my twisted mind,
          fewer ready recollections---
          I forget what I say, even when I pray,
          the Lord has sent no rejections.

          I'd much rather talk than take a walk
          but both are good exercise---
          One from my mind, the other to unwind,
          my pleasure is also my prize.

          Though I like to gossip I'll not profit
          at another soul's expense---
          I find exciting, what others are writing,
          my mind agrees with their sense.

          Glee and laughter is what I'm after,
          no livelier trek is found.
          The world may feel I've nothing to spiel,
          I'll sneak in on the rebound.

          Have lots of fun, I'll just tag along
          to see how the words turn out.
          Words keep me busy, sometimes dizzy,
          but ease inclinations to pout.

          So why would I, copyright my delight,
          to lose a part of my pastime?
          When all's said and done
          I'll still write on as long as my fingers define.

          It matters not if you're read or taught
          nor how many words you've heard.
          Pick up your pen, copyright be singed,
          give the credit to the Lord.

[ Author Unknown -- from ]


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