Ode To Spam

          I do not want to read your spam.
          I do not want it, Sam I Am.

          I do not want to read your jokes.
          That virus warning? Itís a hoax!

          Donít send me tests I must complete,
          Or cutesy poems that are sweet.

          I get enough of spam, I do.
          I hate to see it come from you.

          Spam offers drugs to make me stronger,
          Or make some part of me grow longer.

          So, when a joke or tale you see,
          Please, please donít hit that forward key.

          Instead, why donít you drop a line?
          How are your kids? †Is your life fine?

          How can I pray for you today?
          Read a good book or seen a play?

          What victories can you report?
          Iíd love to read it Ė long or short!

          I'll be so glad you didn't spam.
          Thank you, thank you, Sam I Am.

[ by: Mary Egido, Copyright © 2006 -- from Mike's Funnies (funnies-owner@lists.MikeysFunnies.com) ]


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