Cute hamster with a red nose.

Paying The Bill

A scraggly looking guy goes into a restaurant and orders some food. The waiter, looks at the man’s appearance, and says: "No way. I don't think you can pay for it."

The guy says, "You're right. I don't have any money, but if I show you something you haven't seen before, will you give me the food?"

"It's a Deal!" replies the waiter.

The guy reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a hamster. Then he places the hamster down and it immediately runs to the end of the counter, jumps down on the floor and runs across the room. Then it hops-up on the piano stool, and then up on the keyboard, and starts playing Gershwin songs. To everyone’s surprise, the hamster is really good.

The waiter says, WOW, "You're right. I've never seen anything like that before. That hamster is truly a good piano player." The guy downs the hamburger he ordered and asks the waiter for another.

"Money or another unique surprise," says the waiter.

The guy then reaches into his coat pocket again and pulls out a frog. He puts the frog on the counter, and the frog starts singing. Again, much to the surprise of everyone, the frog has a marvelous voice. Truly a very good singer. Suddenly, a stranger from the other end of the counter runs over to the guy and offers him $300 for the frog.

Without hesitation, the guy says, "It's a deal!" He takes the three hundred cash and gives the stranger the frog. The stranger runs out of the restaurant, shouting with joy.

The waiter says to the guy, "Are you crazy? You sold a singing frog for $300? That frog is probably worth over a million dollars."

"Not really," says the guy, "the hamster is also a ventriloquist."
[ Author unknown - received from 'Pastor Tim' ( ]

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