• Psych Support Group

    I've started a support group for my personalities. We go around the room and share with all the other me's. I've numbered them from 1 through 10 so I can keep them straight. But 4 eloped with 7, so for now I'm down to eight.

    Number 9 is suing me, she claims she's been abused, Because I never let her out, her self esteem is bruised. Number 3's a lawyer and she took 9's case for gratis. 8 and 6 agree with 9 and want class action status.

    10 approached me yesterday...could she live on her own? She's found a job but needs a car...would I co-sign a loan? I've been told that number 1 revealed in therapy that she has several egos too, and one of them is me.

    Number 5 just cracks me up. I love her sense of humor. 3 tells me that 5 is gay, but 8 says that's just rumor. The strangest one is number 2. I think her brain is fried. She's always playing with her guns and speaks of homicide.

    I've talked about each one of them with my psychiatrist. They won't come to his office so he thinks they don't exist. He says that I'm just paranoid and schizophrenic too. But they all think that he's a quack who doesn't have a clue.

    So I began my little group so they could be involved In helping one another see their issues get resolved. Although there are a bunch of me's who feel the need to share, They're easy to accommodate...we only need one chair.
    [ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' (buffalos-g-jokes.yahoogroups.com) ]

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