• Serious Misunderstanding

    An Irishman working on a scaffolding, four stories high, heard the noon whistle. But when he got ready to descended for lunch, he discovered that the ladder had been removed. One of his fellow workmen on the pavement below, to whom he called, explained that the foreman had carried off the ladder for another job.

    "But how'll I get down for lunch?" Pat demanded.

    His friend Mike, on the pavement below, suggested jumping as the only currently available means of getting down. Pat's lunch was below, and he was really hungry, so he decided to accept the suggestion.

    "Will yez kitch me?" he demanded.

    "Sure, an' I'll do that," Mike agreed.

    Pat flapped his arms in imitation of a rooster, crowed out loud to those below, to help bolster up his courage, and then leaped off of the scaffolding. Later, he regained consciousness after a short time, and feebly sat-up on the curb. Pat then glared at his friend Mike, reproachfully, and said:

    "For why did yez not kitch me?" he asked, as the pain in bones sounded in his quivering voice.

    "Begorry," Mike replied sympathetically, "I was waiting for yez to bounce!"
    [ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' (buffalos-g-jokes.yahoogroups.com) ]

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