Signs Your Life Is Too Computerized

  1. Your reason for not staying in touch with family is that they do not have email.

  2. If you can't order it by midnight and have it delivered by noon the next day, it is just too slow.

  3. Your Stockbroker's name ends in ".com"

  4. A Blind date means chatting online with someone you haven't met before.

  5. Keeping up with sports means having your favorite sports teams as Bookmarks.

  6. Most of your books are bought online. "Real world" bookstores are now prized as your favorite cafe to hang out, work and meet people of the opposite sex.

  7. Your food in the refrigerator has been there so long some, that you have received a grant from the National Institute for Health to do germ research.

  8. You lecture the neighborhood kids selling lemonade on ways to improve their efficiency.

  9. You get all excited when it's Saturday and you can wear sweats to work.

  10. You find you really need Power Point to explain what kind of work you do.

  11. You normally eat out of vending machines and at the most expensive restaurant in town within the same week.

  12. You apologize to your friends who didn't get holiday cards from you. "Sorry, I only sent "email cards" this year, you just didn't make the cut."

  13. You think a "half-day" means leaving at 5 o'clock.

  14. You get most of your jokes via email instead of in person.

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Arizona Humor' ]


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