Speeding   Bicycle

A man was attempting to ride his bicycle from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. He made it across the desert without incident, but when he reached the mountains, the steep grade wore him down. So, he decides to hitchhike.

Some time later, a car approaches and offers the cyclist a ride, but then says: "Your bicycle won't fit in the car." So, he opens his trunk and takes out a piece of rope. Then, he ties one end of the rope to the bicycle and the other end to his bumper. "You've got a horn on your bike... If I go to fast, honk your horn and I'll slow down."

This scheme worked well for several miles, until another car zooms past. Not to be outdone, the man takes off in pursuit with the bicycle still in tow.

Both cars fly through a speed zone, and a trooper's radar gun clocks them traveling at 120 mph. The trooper radios ahead to another officer and says, "You've got two vehicles headed your way and they're both doing over 120 mph."

"10-4 good buddy," replies the fellow trooper. "I'll get 'em."

The first trooper hesitates a moment, then adds, "And, you're not going to believe this... there's a guy following on a bicycle and he's honking to pass!"

[ Author Unknown -- from Anonymous ]


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