Surrounded By Sharks

A Navy Chaplain, a USAF Doctor & a Marine "JAG" officer (Lawyer) were in a boat near an island. Unfortunately, they had lost their oars, and their boat was surrounded by sharks.

They determined that for two of them to make it to the island, one them was going to have to swim away from the boat as a distraction, out towards the open sea, while the other two swam for the island shore.

The JAG officer said, "I'll do it," and without hesitation he jumped over-board. He quickly swam away from the boat while the other two men jumped in to the water on the other side of the boat and headed strong for the island.

The plan worked as discussed, and the two men made it safely to the island shore. They then looked out towards the open sea to see how the other man was doing.

To their surprise, they saw the JAG officer riding on the back of one of the sharks! In just a few minutes, the shark he was riding on headed towards the island and dropped the man off near the shore. Then, very casually, the "JAG" officer gave a friendly waved to the sharks, as they swam away from the island.

The Chaplain said, "That was a miracle!"

The Doctor said, "Medically, I don't understand how you could get the sharks to do that!"

To which the JAG Officer replied, "No big deal, it was just a matter of professional courtesy."
[ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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