Take-Off Will Be Delayed

        Have you ever given any thought to what it is like
        to be a bush pilot on the missionary field in Africa,
        or other parts of the world? These brave men and
        women risk their lives "several times a day" to
        help support and serve others.

        Imagine you are a bush pilot in the African veldt.

        You fly in some critical medical supplies, and land
        on a rough curving road that doubles as a runway.

        After unloading the medical supplies, you take
        a break from the sweltering heat, and have
        lunch in the shade of the make-shift hospital.

        You are eager to get to your next appointment.

        You return to your plane to find some very
        BIG cats (lions) in the shade of the wing.

        "Now what should I do, Lord . . . ?"

Airplane and pride of lions.

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