Talking Turkey

    What does a turkey say?

        • "Gobble, gobble, gobble"?
          Not always!

        • A jewelry-lovin' turkey?
          "Bauble, bauble, bauble"

        • A dyslexic turkey say?
          "Boggle, boggle, boggle"

        • A turkey in the shoe repair shop say?
          "Cobble, cobble, cobble"

        • A turkey with a sore leg say?
          "Hobble, hobble, hobble."

        • A football turkey say?
          "Huddle, huddle, huddle"

        • A dieting turkey:
          "Nibble, nibble, nibble."

        • A one-legged Cockney turkey
          "'Obble, 'obble, 'obble"

        • A turkey who argues a lot:
          "Squabble, squabble, squabble."

        • What does Dr. Seuss' turkey say?
          "Tweedle, beetle, paddle, battle,
          puddle, wobble, hobble, gobble."

        • Then there was the dizzy Turkey who just went:
          "Wobble, wobble, wobble!"
[ Author Unknown -- 'Mikey's Funnies' ( ]

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