The Good Side Of The BP Oil Spill

  1. No one who owns a boat in the Gulf will have to worry about squeaky propellers any more

  2. We have an endless supply of vinigrette off our shore

  3. According to the Bible, eating shellfish is an abomination

  4. If you run out of gas, just refine some of the water and you're all set

  5. Finally, a chance to buy BP stock really cheap!

  6. Evinrude is working on a hybrid outboard motor that runs on a mixture of sea water and crude oil

  7. Ooh, lookit, it creates a sorta tie-dye effect in the water

  8. When you're at the beach, the suntan oil is free

  9. We no longer have to add oil to fry our shrimp

  10. Coating all the Louisiana swamps with oily sludge should certainly put a dent in the mosquito population

  11. Any wildlife that survive will evolve into some sort of super-animal

  12. No crowded Gulf Coast beaches this summer! Plenty of room for volleyball!
[ Author Unknown -- from Stan Kegel, via 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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