'Twas The Night Before Christmas
( Flu Version )

        Twas the night before Christmas

        and all through the house

        Every creature was sneezing

        Including the mouse!

        Twas the night before Christmas

        but what could we do?

        The family had been struck down by the flu!

        The children were nestled all snug in their beds.

        While Tylenol and Sudefed cleared up their heads.

        And me with my hot tea and he with a snack

        Had settled in front of a big unwrapped stack.

        When out on the lawn there was a crash and a clatter

        I ran out the front door to see what was the matter.

        When what to my wondering eyes did appear

        A large man in a red suit yelling "oh dear"

        "I've appointments all over," said the man who was fat.

        "And now just look here, my tire is flat!"

        We invited him in though we warned him of flu.

        And waited for the Auto club to do what they do.

        Then we wrapped while we waited,

        The fat guy was good!

        We tried to keep up as well as we could.

        At last we were done, and so was the tire.

        The man he arose from in front of the fire

        And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight.

        "Merry Christmas to you and to you

        Ah ah ah CHOO!

[ by Donna Pryer -- from 'Pastor Tim' ]


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