What Caused that Error Message?

          what caused that error message?
          i'm sure it wasn't me.
          now there is another one -
          and i didn't touch a key!
          i bought a brand new program,
          hope it didn't have a bug.
          i think it's much more likely
          it was caused by a mug.
          the screen is black, the cursor's gone,
          someone must have hid it.
          aha, now it's back again -
          but i don't know how i did it!
          i'm sure that this computer
          has a mind of its own,
          so until i find an expert
          better leave the thing alone!
          well, now i'm on the internet,
          i wish i had been told -
          that all my little problems
          would increase a thousand-fold!
          i dialed up my home page,
          just to have a look around
          at anything of interest -
          but the server can't be found.
          finally it's working,
          i access many sites,
          got lots of information -
          downloaded megabytes.
          but how many bugs and cookies?
          and they now know where i am,
          so they'll use their planted spyware
          to send me lots of spam.
          i've had to quickly shut down,
          'cos something froze the screen
          and when i turned it on again
          everything was green!
          now having trouble starting up,
          must be worse than it looks.
          is it a virus or a worm?
          oh well, back to reading books!

[ Author Unknown -- from Helen and Hart Dowd (http://occupytillicome.com) ]


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