What Children Say About Heaven

  • Mom, God's so neat, and heaven's supposed to be so great. Could me and Gloria go there Saturday for a sleep-over?

  • Our seven-year-old daughter, Clarisa, was not really excited about going to Sunday school, but her little friend talked her into it. After the first class, at lunch she said, "I like my teacher, and she said if I come to Sunday school every Sunday, she'll show me how I can get a free trip to heaven."

  • My three-year-old granddaughter, Morgan, came over one day and looked around the room and asked, "Where's Grandpa?" I answered, "He's in heaven." Surprised, she looked at me and said, "Still?"

  • I know what heaven is like, because I was there. God makes people when He thinks of them, and then they wait to be born.

  • Our six-year-old, Rachel, prayed, "God, they keep telling us You love us kids. But I'm wondering: If You know my older brother, do You think he'll ever get to heaven?"

  • Grandma's gone to heaven, and she'll be happy there, because there's a Dairy Queen (A Tesas Stop Sign, That Is) everywhere. Right?

  • When Jenny was four, she asked, "Does heaven have a floor?" Surprised, I said, "Well, Jenny, what do you think heaven is like?" She looked up at the sky and clouds and replied, "Well, I can't see any floor, so I guess people are just up there on coat hangers!"

  • I told nine-year-old Heather that someday we would have glorified bodies. She asked, "Do you think we'll look like Barbie?"

  • One day my five-year-old grandson, Brett, who frequently went fishing with his dad, told his mother, "If Grandma's going to heaven with us, God had better have a pretty big fishing rod to haul her in!"

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Colorado Comments' ]


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