Old man and woman on a putting green.

Wife Going Deaf?

A fellow goes to the doctor and says, "I'm really worried about my wife. I ask her a question and she never answers. I think she's going deaf."

"That's possible," answers the doctor. "But in order to help, we'll have to determine the extent of her hearing problem. I suggest that you run a little test to see how bad the problem really is."

At that point the doctor gave him instructions. The next day the two are out on the golf course. She's plum-bobbing a putt, and he steps 15 feet away from her and asks, "Which way do you think it will break?"

No answer.

He steps 5 feet closer and asks the same question, and still no answer.

Again 5 feet closer, and again still no answer. Finally he moves to within inches of her ear and asks, "Which way do you think it will break?"

She snaps, "For the fourth and final time, I think the darn thing breaks to the left!"

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Joke du Jour' (JdJ@yahoogroups.com) ]

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