Workman's Compensation

A truck driver, who had been delivering radioactive waste for the local reactor begins to feel sick after a few years on the job.

He decided to seek compensation for his ailment.

Upon his arrival at the workers' compensation department, he is interviewed by an assessor . . . .
  • Assessor: "I see you work with radio-active materials and wish to claim compensation."

  • Trucker: "Yeah, I feel really sick."

  • Assessor: "All right then, Does your employer take measures to protect you from radiation poisoning?"

  • Trucker: "Yeah, he gives me a lead suit to wear on the job."

  • Assessor: "And what about the truck cab in which you drive?"

  • Trucker: "Oh yeah.  That's lead lined, all lead lined."

  • Assessor: "What about the waste itself?  Where is that kept?"

  • Trucker: "Oh, the stuff is held in a lead container, all lead."

  • Assessor: "Let me see if I've got this straight.  You wear a lead suit, sit in a lead-lined truck cab and the radio-active waste is kept in a lead container."

  • Trucker: "Yeah, that? s right.  All lead."

  • Assessor: "Then I canít see any justification for your claim of radiation poisoning."

  • Trucker: "I'm not suing for radiation poison.  I'm claiming lead poisoning!"
[ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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