Signs You Watch Too Much TV

  • #10 - You end telephone conversations with the phrase, "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"

  • #9 - You wonder why the people at TV guide have never won the Pulitzer Prize.

  • #8 - Your lifelong dream is to say "Live from New York, its Saturday Night!!"

  • #7 - Every time someone angers you, you threaten to "vote them off the island" the next chance you get.

  • #6 - You wonder if the dog from "Frasier" will ever be as big as Lassie.

  • #5 - You write angry letters in Klingon to the producers of Star Trek wondering why the hell Seven of Nine doesn't get more face time.

  • #4 - You wonder if today is the day the coyote finally catches the roadrunner

  • #3 - You end every conversation with "And that's the bottom line, cause (insert your name here) said so."

  • #2 - You honestly believe that you can pass medical school based solely on your knowledge from watching "ER".

     And the number one reason you know you've been watching too much TV . . . .

  • #1 - Every time someone answers one of your questions, you ask, "Is that your final answer?"
[ Author Unknown -- from 'Buffalos Chips' ( ]

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