A Bicycle Built For Two

OK--look out your window next Saturday, February 14--the whole world will have abandoned cars, trains, buses, planes, speedboats, subways and spacecraft. They will all be riding BICYCLES BUILT FOR TWO--wearing red roses, consuming rich chocolates, reciting ridiculous rhymes, and romancing down the red brick road to the Land of Love and Delight!

Why, of course! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if YOU are riding a "bicycle built for two," be thankful for the wonderful love you celebrate. It's God-given, God-approved, and God-blessed! BUT, if you are a single, want-to-be, never-have-been, or used-to-be rider of one of those shiny two-for-one bikes--if it's missing one seat, broken down, in the shop for repairs, or just all rusty and worn out, you just want to know when "THE DAY" will be over. It's no great fun being a grandstand bike-watcher today, I know!

So what to do? Curl up under the blankets and cry it away? Couch up by the TV and watch it away (the TV not the couch)? Come on--there's a better way, and it's GOD'S way. The Designer of "the bike" is a God of love--He loves you, married or single--it's a love that's unconditional, eternal and ever-faithful; you can count on it! Better yet, you need not ride it ALONE--He rides with you all the way--AND there's enough room on it for another passenger or two...

Find a lonely senior who needs a smile--and some chocolate. Take a little child to McD's for a Happy Meal--invite some singles to your home to watch old movies--visit a nursing home--find someone to share that bike--make it a bicycle built for three--or four--or thirty-four! Find a way to bring love into another's loveless life today--and you'll find a full, happy heart yourself!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day next Saturday, celebrating with a lost and lonely world a love we can all enjoy--the love of the Son of God whose faithfulness and friendship never fails! Celebrate HIM on Valentine's Day--load down that "bicycle built for two" with some lonely, loveless people--head down the road to HIS Home--and you will have a great day!

Scripture:   "And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love (1 Corinthians 13:13)."

Prayer:   "Lord, it's almost Valentine's Day--and whatever my circumstances as this day approaches, please make it a day of sharing Your love with someone who's lost, lonely, or just feeling left out. Give me Your compassionate and caring heart today--and may I be aware of what I can do to lighten the heart of another on this special day, In Jesus' Name, Amen."

- Peggie C. Bohanon -

[ by Peggie C. Bohanon. Copyright © 2004, Springfield, MO -- {used with permission} ]


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