A Shining Moment

I was never a starter for my high school football team. No matter how much I trained and how hard I practiced I was always on the second string. A few of us backups even jokingly called ourselves the bench boys and gave each other nicknames. Mine was "Splinter."

During one of the last games of the year, though, there came a point when I finally made it onto the field with the starters. It was my big chance and I was determined to prove myself. It wasnít long either before a fumble miraculously bounced its way into my hands. I saw the end zone and turned to run down the field for a touchdown. It was my shining moment and it felt so good. It lasted for about one second. That is when the shoulder pads of three opposing players crashed into my knees, stomach, and back all at once. It was Splinterís first and last hurrah before heading back to the bench.

Since that time I have had a lot of shining moments in my life although most of them probably didnít look that bright in the eyes of the world. I have come to see, however, that Heaven looks at life from a different viewpoint. Heaven sees life through Godís eyes and Godís eyes are always the eyes of love. When I open a door for someone, share a smile with a stranger, and laugh with my children then I know that I am glowing bright. When I stop to help another, pass on a kind word, and do a loving act then I know that I am shining in Heavenís sight. I have come to learn too that it is these shining moments that make up our lives here. When we finally meet God face to face we arenít going to be asked how many touchdowns we scored but rather how many lives we touched.

May all of your moments here shine with joy. May you glow with Heavenís goodness and light every single day. And may your entire life be a touchdown of love in Godís eyes.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2008 (joecool@wirefire.com) -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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