A Tap On The Shoulder

A long time ago when my full grown children were still "children" I saw something that still brings a burst of joy to my heart whenever I think about it. My youngest son who was still a toddler at the time was very attached to his big sister. When she first started going to school he would stand by the window waiting everyday for her bus to bring her home. And when I would walk her up the hill to our house he would be waiting at the door to hug her.

One day, however, after a particularly nasty diaper incident his Mom needed to give him a quick bath right when the bus was scheduled to arrive. When his sister and I made it to the door then he was still in the tub. His sister went into her room to put her coat up and as soon as she shut the door out toddled her brother from the bathroom and right to the window he went. His internal clock knew that his sister should be home any second. I smiled as I watched him looking intently out the window while his sister emerged from her room. Quietly she snuck up behind him and ever so gently tapped him on the shoulder. The look on his face when he turned around and saw his big sis was one I have rarely seen in this life. It was pure bliss, pure joy, and pure love. His big eyes shined with delight, his toothless smile took up most of his face, and his tiny arms opened up to give his sister a very big hug.

I realized a while ago that I had spent far too much of my own life looking out a window waiting for something or someone to bring me what I wanted in this life. It took me a long time to finally feel the gentle tapping on my own shoulder. When I turned around there was God ready to take me in His arms and fill me with His love. I saw then that everything I had ever needed: love, joy, peace, and oneness with God had been with me all along. I had just been looking the wrong way. I hope that you too will turn around when you feel that tap.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2010 (joecool@wirefire.com) -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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