ABC’s of a Fruitful Life

    A lways put God first in your life.

    B e a true friend and you will have many friends.

    C ount and thank God for your many blessings daily.

    D iscipline yourself. Decide to make your life count.

    E dify and encourage others consistently.

    F ollow great leaders and then become one.

    G ive liberally and joyfully of your time, talents and means.

    H ave an attitude of gratitude.

    I nvert any negatives thrown your way. Turn them into positives.

    J ourney through life one step and one day at a time.

    K eep written goals set ahead. Make specific plans to accomplish them.

    L ove and forgive everybody.

    M aximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

    N ever, never, never give up!

    O pen the door wide when opportunity knocks.

    P ractice patience. Promote peace.

    Q uit bad habits by replacing them with good habits.

    R ead God's Word and other profitable material every chance you get.

    S hare the Gospel whenever and wherever possible.

    T ake time to appreciate everything and everyone God has given to you.

    U se your God given common sense.

    V isualize your dreams and stretch to reach for them.

    W atch, listen and pray without ceasing.

    X amine your motives on a regular basis.

    Y ield to the Holy Spirit when He prompts you.

    Z oom in on God's real purpose for your life.

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