Advice to a Younger Me

All of us at some point in our lives have wished that we could write a letter to our younger selves. We have wished we could pass on the wisdom we have learned and help them to avoid some of the pain and struggles that we have gone through. I think that my own advice to the younger me would be quite simple. This is what I would say.

Wake up earlier more often and take the time to watch the sun rising over the hills. Bend down to smell the flowers in the Spring. Swim more in the Summer. Play in the Fall leaves. Make snow angels every Winter. Turn the TV off in the afternoon and go play with your dogs instead. Donít rush through those Sunday family dinners. Savor every bite of food and joy in them. Tell your Mom and Grandma you love them everyday and hug them every chance you can. . Donít complain about chopping wood with your Dad. Enjoy every moment you have with him. And donít argue so much with your brothers. Life is too short to spend being miserable.

Stop being so shy. Other people are just like you inside. Smile more. Laugh a lot. Sing often. They are joy creators. Share a kind word every chance you get. Give your inner goodness to everyone. Donít worry about the future. Instead enjoy this day God has given you. Make the time to play with your young children. One day you will blink and they will be as big as you are. Quit wishing you were rich in money. Yet. rejoice at being rich in heart. Realize that happiness is simple. It is we who are complicated. Know in your heart that God loves you just as you are. Know in your heart that you can love too. Then go out and share your love with the world. When you do you will have the joy you have always longed for.

How I wish I could give this advice to the younger me, but I canít. He probably wouldnít have listened anyway. Still, it isnít too late to follow this advice today and that is all that matters.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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