Anger and Love

          Anger seeks revenge
          Love seeks healing

          Anger spouts lies
          Love speaks truth

          Anger shouts loud
          Love whispers softly

          Anger rips at the soul
          Love saves the soul

          Anger causes others pain
          Love causes others joy

          Anger stoops low to solve problems
          Love looks for higher ground

          Anger lays down the law
          Love breaks down strongholds

          Anger is senseless in its methods
          Love strives to make sense of a senseless world

          Anger echoes carelessness
          Love reflects from a caring heart

          Anger solves problems only in the mind
          Love works wonders in heart, body, and soul

          Anger ruins the world
          Love saves the day

          Anger darkens the spirit
          Love brightens the world

[ Brian Clark -- from 'Love Quotes' ]


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