†††† There is nothing quite like the break of day in the mountains during Summer. I walked out into one this morning surrounded by my four, furry friends. I could feel right away my dogsí excitement and joy too. The air was cool, fresh, and sweet. Its gentle breezes kissed my face the moment I opened the door. The sunshine was still hiding playfully behind the trees, but I could now see its golden light breaking though the leaves. Dew was still on the ground and the scent of wild flowers was tickling my nose. A white tailed rabbit was finishing breakfast in the tall grass near the woods. In the sky birds were soaring into the morning sunrise while hidden in the trees their feathered friends were singing songs of love to Heaven. It was so glorious and so awe-inspiring. My heart felt full to overflowing with Godís love and my soul seemed to expand in joy knowing that I too was a part of His wonderful creation.

†††† I learned recently that in the original Greek Bible the word "Fear" also translates as "Awe".† This made sense to me, because while I have never really felt afraid of God I feel in awe of His glorious, powerful, and unconditional love for us every single day. I feel in awe of this wondrous world He created. I feel in awe of this life He gave me here. I feel in awe that I am here to be His Child, to share His Love, and to do His Will. I find too that with thankfulness in my heart and awe in my soul there is very little room left for any fear in my life.

†††† This world we live in is so awe-inspiring. The love that God has for us is so awe-inspiring.† Why donít we make the lives we live here awe-inspiring as well? The choice is up to us. Donít live in fear then. Live in love. Donít live in fear of God. Live in love for God. Donít ignore the wonder and awe that is all around you. Become a part of it instead. Be the Child of God you were meant to be: giving love, spreading joy, sharing light, and inspiring awe.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella ( -- {used with permission} ]


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