Beatitudes for SAHMs-5

Beatitudes for 'Stay at Home Moms' (part 5)

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." Matthew 5:7 (NIV)

Webster defines merciful as "having, feeling, or exercising mercy; compassionate; tender; unwilling to punish for injuries; exhibiting mercy." What word better describes what a SAHM, or any Mom for that matter, does on a daily basis? Part of our God given make up, as Moms is compassion and tenderness. We often try to deny these traits in a world that seeks to make men and women not only ‘equal', but the same. But, I believe God made us different for a reason. If you are a SAHM, you know that the way you interact with your children is much different than the way your husband interacts with them. The very fact that we are with them virtually 24/7 means we must rely on our own innate mercy to raise our children, and some days just to survive!

Other versions of the Bible provide just a little different twist. The Living Bible states, "Happy are the kind and merciful...". The Message states, "You're blessed when you care." How simple and how true. What brought us to the point of giving up a career and becoming a SAHM? First and foremost it should have been seeking God's will for our lives and our families. Secondly, it is because we care. Now, all Moms care, whether or not they are "working" moms or SAHMs. But we made the thoughtful decision to care for our children ourselves, all day long, and not leave them in the care of others. This is a tough decision, despite the fact that those who are not SAHMs think it is an easy one. It involves much more than just "staying home". It involves a major lifestyle change, often a major financial challenge, and invariably a drastic personal esteem change, isolation, adjustment and struggle.

This beatitude, of course, refers to the fact, that we as Christians are fully aware of the mercy shown to us by God through the death and resurrection of Jesus. And, because we are aware of this and are grateful for this, we seek to show mercy to others. As SAHMs, we have made the conscious decision to show this mercy first and foremost in our own homes with our own children and our spouses.

Some days that mercy is not sending our child to boarding school because it has been a horrendous day. Mercy might exhibit itself by not yelling and berating when we discover the crayon mural on the freshly painted living room wall. Or laughing instead of going off when we find that the cat now sports a brand new Mohawk haircut! I am not saying that discipline should be thrown out the window. But, I do think that God wants us to temper our discipline with mercy. If He had not done this for us, we would certainly be without hope, wouldn't we?

What is our reward for being merciful? We will be shown mercy. We know that if we have accepted Jesus are our Savior we have been shown the ultimate mercy. But, what does being shown mercy mean on a daily basis as a SAHM? The Message puts it this way, "At the moment of being ‘care-full', you find yourselves cared for." Think about when you have hugged your child instead of ‘hollered' at them for some transgression. If there any greater mercy to us than the feeling of those small arms around us and that little body in our arms? What about when you volunteer your time to help in your child's classroom and see the look of pride in your child's eyes that THEIR mom is the one helping.

There are innumerable examples - holding a child with a fever all night long and feeling a peace when the fever finally breaks. Letting the laundry go one more day to take advantage of a beautiful and have a game of catch in the backyard. Teaching a child about God and hearing that sweet little voice sing "Jesus loves me."

Never underestimate what you do as a SAHM. You have made a decision that you will never regret, and if you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of God's mercy each and every day!

About the author:
Cheryl is a SAHM to her three year old daughter. She worked as a nursing home administrator for 8 years before her promotion to 'Stay At Home Mommy.' She loves being a homebody, sewing, needle arts, scrap-booking and raising her daughter. Cheryl believes that SAHMs don't get enough support or encouragement in this day of two income families.

[ by Cheryl Novak, Copyright 2000 ]


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