Beatitudes for SAHMs-6

Beatitudes for 'Stay at Home Moms' (part 6)

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Matthew 5:8 (NIV)

Pure in heart...that actually scares me a little, for I know that as a sinner I am never pure in heart. Or am I? The Living Bible states this beatitude as, "Happy are those who strive for peace...." And The Message says, "You're blessed when you get your inside world - your mind and heart -put right. Then you can see God in the outside world." Well, as a SAHM I certainly strive for peace on a daily basis, but is my inside world - my mind and heart - right?

We've previously discussed that we must find time to be with God, to read His Word, to talk with Him and to seek His will. All God's children need to read and study, but as SAHMs we must continue that connection with God daily. If we truly sought God's will for our lives when we made the decision to become SAHMs, then we must continue to seek His will.

But there is a deeper level here. SAHMs can often feel their days are a whirlwind, and can get to the end of the day and wonder what actually took place. It's pretty easy to stand in the middle of a living room full of toys, with a screaming toddler, and full basket of dirty laundry, a stack of mail and a hungry cat and wonder what you did all day! Did you ever stop to think that maybe God's will was for you to get nothing else done but sit and read with your child and build a fort from blankets?

Of course, we cannot use God's will as an excuse for letting everything go, even though it might be tempting some days. But SAHMs, just as other ‘working' moms can find themselves, over booked, over doing and under listening. The bible study Experiencing God makes a point that we must look for where God is working and join Him there. Sometimes, as SAHMs it is easy for us to pray and read and seek God's will before we make the decision to stay at home, and then fly by ‘the seat of our pants' once we are there.

We must take time - even a minute or two a day - to read God's word and seek His will. Even a simple prayer such as "Dear Lord, please show me what YOU want me to do today", will tap us into God's will. As a SAHM I often thought my life and menial tasks were too insignificant for God to actually have a plan for them. I mean, I'm not making government policy, or running a Fortune 500 company. I wiping noses and trying to get grass stains out of jeans. Can God even care about that? Certainly!

The great joy to all of this is that if we do seek God's will daily, even in the mundane things, we will see Him. We have talked before about seeing God in the faces of our children, but the more we seek God's will, the more we will SEE God's will. And, the more we can see God's will the more we can jump right in and join Him.

SAHMs often think of seeking God's will as looking for ways to volunteer at church, which is important and should be done if God calls you to join Him there. But, God loves us, and as Jesus told us, ‘And even the very hairs of your head are numbered.' (Matthew 10:30) If He knows how many hairs are on our head, then He cares enough to show us what to do as a SAHM on a daily basis. Some days that is letting the dusting slide to go outside and play catch, or volunteer at the school book fair. Other days it is getting our house in order while our child is napping.

God cares for us all. The greater explanation of the verse is that when we seek to be pure in heart, when we seek God's salvation through His son Jesus, we will be eternally saved and will see God in eternity. But, we can see Him today if we just SEEK Him and his will. Take heart SAHMs! Your job is not so insignificant that God does not care. It is so important that He is willing to tell you what He wants you to do. Following His will to make a fort from blankets may not seem important at the time, but that simple act might just carry your child through a tough time in the future. You might not think it significant, but she might remember your love for her and your willingness to follow God's will for the day.

About the author:
Cheryl is a SAHM to her three year old daughter. She worked as a nursing home administrator for 8 years before her promotion to 'Stay At Home Mommy.' She loves being a homebody, sewing, needle arts, scrap-booking and raising her daughter. Cheryl believes that SAHMs don't get enough support or encouragement in this day of two income families.

[ by Cheryl Novak, Copyright 2000 ]


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