Beatitudes for SAHMs-7

Beatitudes for 'Stay at Home Moms' (part 7)

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God." Matthew 5:9 (NIV)

Anyone who has more than one child has experience as a peacemaker! But God calls us to a deeper peacemaking in this verse. The Shepherd's Guide tells us that ‘Jesus promised this blessing not to those who remained neutral, or to those who simply love peace, but to those who are actively involved in making peace. Christ Himself was the ‘Prince of Peace' (Isa 9:6). He came to bring reconciliation between God and mankind and between individuals. Those who, through Him, are at peace with God can join Him in His work of reconciliation.'

As SAHMs, we must first come to a peace within ourselves. Do we struggle with being SAHMs - of course we do. But when we sit down a prayerfully consider it, are we at peace with the decision to be at home? We must first achieve this inner peace from God before we can become actively involved in making peace. Once we are at this point, then, how do we go about ‘making peace.'

As a SAHM, we have chosen the road to be at home and to make a home for our children and our husbands. We must seek to make that place a haven of peace, a sanctuary from the world, it's stresses and it's temptations. The Message puts it this way, "You're blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight." Our world is one of fierce competition and fighting. Our children compete at school; our spouses are involved in a daily competition to make a living. As SAHMs we have the unique opportunity to provide a place of peace and rest.

The Amplified Bible defines peacemakers as those who are ‘makers and maintainers' of peace. The Living Bible states it as those who ‘strive for peace.' Does this mean we never have arguments or disagreements in our household? Of course not, we are human and only Jesus was perfect. But, because we have made the decision to be at home, where our hearts are, we have the unique ability to strive daily for peace.

First we must seek God's guidance and His direction, then, and only then, will we have His peace. Once we have His peace, we can set about the work of striving to provide a peaceful environment in our own homes. Once we work towards this, we can seek God's will further and look for other opportunities to strive for peace, in our churches, our communities, and our world.

What is our reward for being peacemakers? We will be called sons (and daughters) of God! The Message tells us ‘Then you can see God in the outside world.' In this day and age it is becoming exceedingly difficult to see God in the outside world. As SAHMs we can tend to ‘pull in our borders' and isolate ourselves to protect our families and ourselves. But, there is a hurting world right outside our door, a world in need of peace - in need of Jesus. Seeking peace in our hearts, and in our families will in turn lead us to seek peace in the world around us.

We can only come to this peace through a relationship with Jesus. Once we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, and have received the promise of eternal salvation, we have His peace. Then, we see the world through His eyes; we see our children and our husbands, through His eyes. We want the best for them; we want them to know His peace. We have truly become sons & daughters of God.

About the author:
Cheryl is a SAHM to her three year old daughter. She worked as a nursing home administrator for 8 years before her promotion to 'Stay At Home Mommy.' She loves being a homebody, sewing, needle arts, scrap-booking and raising her daughter. Cheryl believes that SAHMs don't get enough support or encouragement in this day of two income families.

[ by Cheryl Novak, Copyright 2000 ]


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