†††† I am getting a nice patch of buttercups in my front yard this year. I didnít do anything to help them, though. God planted them there all on His own. Each morning I admire them as I walk out to get the paper. Their beauty is a delight to the eyes and their scent is a pleasure to the nose.† Everyday they soak up the morning sun and with each rain they drink in the moisture. With each passing week the patch seems to grow a little larger too. I am making an effort to mow around them for as long as possible. I donít want this beautiful blessing to end. I want to enjoy these wonderful wild flowers just as God intended. I am sure that in Heaven the fields are always full of buttercups, dandelions, and sweet clover, and there is not a lawn mower in sight.

†††† Looking out on these delightful buttercups I am reminded too of all the wonderful souls out there like them. These are the souls God planted among us to show us just how beautiful life and living can be. Everyday that soak up Godís love, joy, and light and then share it with the world.† When it rains in their lives they use it to grow bigger, better, and stronger too. Everyday their numbers grow as well. Just as the buttercups fill the meadows here with patches of priceless gold these glorious spirits fill the whole world with golden glimpses of what Heaven is like. I know too that nothing will keep them from sharing their gifts of wisdom and happiness for all of their lives. No lawn mower would even stand a chance against them.

†††† God loves us all and God planted us all here for a season. What we grow into, however, is up to us. You too can be a wonderful soul spreading love and light to the world. You too can be a glorious spirit sharing a little Heaven while still here on Earth. You too can bloom like a wild flower everyday in beauty, joy, and delight. You too can stand tall against the lawn mowers of this world. Either that or you can be a weed. The choice is up to you.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella (joecool@wirefire.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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