Carry Me!

"Carry me, Daddy," the little girl begged (or whined!), as her tired, spindly little legs could walk no more. Mom and Dad had no car--their wheels were two-legged ones, and so the young family walked A LOT! And Dad "carried" a lot--I know, because I was that little girl.

I watched my minister dad "carry" lots of people--the sick, the grieving, the lonely, the troubled--with compassion, tenderness, and understanding. I have memories of a godly father, a man of prayer and the Word, giving a lifetime of service to the Lord he loved. Perfect? By no means. Loving? By all means. And so, when I relate to God, my Heavenly Father, I have a role model of an earthly father, who loved, taught, and nurtured me in the ways of the Lord.

You may not--the father you remember may have been abusive, unloving, unjust, unforgiving--he may even have deserted you. That's unforgettable, but not unforgivable! Hard words, but you MUST let God help you face it, forgive it, and then be free to accept a healthy relationship with Your Heavenly Father.  Come to the Well, and let His Words bring healing to your wounded soul.

--by Peggie C. Bohanon. Copyright 2005, Springfield, MO.
All rights reserved. Please do not copy without permission.

Scripture: "...Our Father, who art in heaven...(Luke 11:2 KJV)."

Prayer: "Lord, help me to forgive a dad who was not there when I needed him.  Help me to love a Heavenly Father who IS there when I need Him. Teach me to walk as a little child, with my hand secure in Your own. And when I can walk no further,  hold me;  carry me; 'father' me.  I accept Your love and healing today.
In Jesus' Name.  Amen."

[ by: Peggie C. Bohanon Copyright © 2005 -- from 'Fun-n-Faith' news letter {used with permission} ]


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