I have often wondered why we still have so many old fashioned face clocks and watches being made these days. Digital clocks are both more accurate and easier to read. They can instantly give you the time to the exact second and you don’t have to estimate by glancing at the three moving hands on a face clock. Still, in the stores the face clocks far outnumber their digital counterparts. People also spend more to have their old fashioned clocks and watches repaired than they would to buy a new one. They even seek out old mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, and pocket watches at antique shops.

     Perhaps it is because these old style time pieces give all of us a better sense of what time is. It is reassuring for me to look up at my old face clock on the wall and see the second hand gently ticking away. It reminds me that each and every second of this life is a precious choice and that I should do my best to live them all in love, joy, and oneness with God. I even have a clock that is broken that I keep on my kitchen wall. It gives me the right time exactly twice each day. It also reminds me, however, that I don’t have forever in this life and that I should share that love, joy, and oneness with God with everyone everywhere every second that I can. There is one other time piece that I would like to have too: an old windup alarm clock. It would be a wonderful reminder that all the time that I have in this life is in my own hands. It would also always let me know that one day the alarm will sound, and I will awaken from this life and move on to the greater life that awaits us all.

     Before your own alarm sounds then make sure that you truly live every minute of your life. Before your own clock stops make sure that you choose and share love, joy, and oneness with God every second that you can. Your time is in your hands. Make the most of it.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella ( -- {used with permission} ]


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