Cross Circuiting To 'B'

I was an avid Star Trek fan during college.  I remember many of the episodes but a recent event brought one scene back.

Dr. McCoy, the Starship Enterprise's chief medical officer, was having difficulty transporting from the surface of a planet back to the Enterprise.  For those unfamiliar with futuristic science fiction television show Star Trek, the transporter was a device that could move people electronically from place to place.

Dr. McCoy's molecules were about to be scattered over space as the transporter began to malfunction.  Mr. Spock, the Enterprise's science officer and bastion of logic, worked frantically at the transporter controls.

"Cross circuiting from A to B," Spock explained to the technician standing nearby.

Slowly McCoy materialized and took solid form.

"Thank God," McCoy uttered as he shakily but safely stepped off the transporter platform.

"I don't know why you are giving credit to some deity, it was me cross circuiting from A to B that saved you," Spock replied.

Thus the eternal battle between the seen and the unseen. Between absolute logic and absolute faith. Between what can be measured and what is immeasurable.

You can't argue this point with observable facts. A large percentage of MountainWings readers would side with Dr. McCoy, yet a sizeable percentage would side with Mr. Spock.

We see the work of our hands that appears to produce the result. Yet we see suffering, poverty, abuse, and other maladies that appear to be heaped upon the innocent with no rhyme or reason.

As a young scientist in college, I admired Mr. Spock's ability to analyze things with a detached and computerized view.  Spock had all of his emotions under control.  Spock could eliminate pain by mental control.  Spock could eliminate fear and doubt by shear mind power.

I thought that I could be like Spock.

I found out that I couldn't.

Our emotions rage.

We feel pain that we can't stop and fear that we can't banish.

When our world would appear to be subject to being scattered over space and the danger alarms are going off that things have gone terribly wrong, work feverishly at the controls.

Do everything that wisdom and proper training instructs you to do and do it with all diligence.

When we have done all that we know to do and all that we can do, it usually isn't cross circuiting to B that saves us and gives us the strength and the grace to pull things together.

There is another at the controls.

Thank God!

~ A MountainWings Original ~

[ Author Unknown -- from 'MountainWings' ( ]


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