Dad Ruined My Life

The most single solitary man that made an influence on my life was my Dad. He was really an old fashioned man with principals, beliefs, religion, and rules he refused to compromise. He not only lived by the same but saw to it that I did. He put the fear in me that made me just like him.
  • I was never allowed to curse others when I got mad and convinced them they were nothing but trash and scum when they didn't agree with me or do things my way.

  • I don't know what it is like to get drunk or high....

  • I wasn't allowed the thrill of a high-speed chase from the law.

  • Dad taught prayer was the ultimate in shaking the heavens and changing tragedy into triumph.

  • Boldness, assertiveness, and courage to speak, live, and act upon the truth was the gateway to temporal as well as eternal freedom.

  • I was taught to forgive and pray for my enemies.

  • Because of my mean Dad, I have slept with only one beautiful woman that I married over 25 years ago, and because of his ways I don't want another one.

  • I love to go to church and be a team member doing chores and things for God that nobody every notices.
I'm not bragging, but complaining that because of Dad I can't make a guest appearance on the "Jerry Springer Show." Oprah doesn't seem to look my way when seeking someone to spotlight on her show. I've often wondered why Dad raised me like he did. I've heard abused children have had abused parents. Come to find out Grandpa ruined his life just as he had mine. Sorry to say I've abused or ruined the lives of my children and have the fear they will do the same to theirs too...

Oh well, I guess I will talk it over with God after the judgment and ask Him why He let me have a Dad who ruined my opportunity of living a life of hell and into accepting Jesus as an eternal father. Because He created, owned, and redeemed me from destruction of my self and of others when He died on the cross in submission to His own Father's will!

Thanks Dad for teaching me to lose my life so I could find it.....

[ by Gary Usher -- from 'Guidewords' ]


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