Dispel The Shadows

Yvonne is a young, 20 something former student of mine with cerebral palsy who has spent her entire life in a wheelchair. Today, her life consists solely of sitting all day in her wheelchair, greeting customers walking in and out of a department store. Yet, to meet and talk with her, the radiance of her smile and the sparkle of her enthusiasm is so overwhelming, it is easy to dismiss her handicap and be captured by her personality.

On the other hand, Robert is an older man who fell a great distance, fractured his spine, and spent several years in a hospital unable to move anything except his head. Over time, God blessed Robert, letting him slowly recuperate to the extent that today he can use a walker and move about. When I talk with Robert, he is quick to tell of God's blessings, but just as quickly, he suspends talking about his blessing of health to focus on his possessions.

Each time I talk with Yvonne, I leave her feeling blessed of God to know such a wonderful person. When I talk with Robert, I leave him reminded of a handicapped person blessed of God who owns things. Although both Yvonne and Robert have a witness of God in their hearts, it is a shame how one demonstrates it and the other only talks about it.

Some may live their entire lives in the shadows of handicaps or disappointments without knowing that if they shine brightly enough, the light will dispel the shadows.

[ Lawrence Brotherton -- from 'Aiken Drum' (Aiken@AikensLaughs.com) ]


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