Do Some Good

†††† For many years now Church work camps full of volunteers both young and old have been helping the poor and elderly people of this area. During the Spring and Summer school breaks they always arrive full of eager high school and college students under the supervision of older carpenters and builders. They work long hours fixing leaky roofs, building porches and wheel chair ramps, and repairing the homes of those who need it. Their only payment is the happy smiles and grateful hearts of those they help.

†††† Several times in the past I have helped or been helped by these wonderful people. I will always remember one man in particular that had an infectious enthusiasm as he worked. He was both a Church Pastor and a Master Carpenter. He seemed to inspire all the kids working under him with his cheerful spirit. Everyday when I asked him how he was doing he would reply, "Iím doing good!" At the end of the week as his group was preparing to leave I looked at all the homes they had fixed and lives they had touched and had to agree. He was "Doing Good!"

†††† So many of us want to be doing good in our lives. But do we want to be "Doing Good" in our lives? A nice house, a successful career, and a lot of money might be nice to have, but they donít compare with fixing anotherís home, helping those in need, and having treasures in Heaven. The material things we have here are temporary but the good we do goes on for all eternity.

†††† God loves us all so much and God put us here on Earth for a reason. I donít think it is to be doing good in the eyes of the world either. I think rather that it is to do some good in the eyes of Heaven. There is no limit to the good we can do, the love we can share, and the joy we can spread in this life. We need only to begin to live as God meant for us to live with compassionate hearts, caring souls, and helpful hands. Do some good today then. You can change the world.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella ( -- {used with permission} ]


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